Synonyms and related words:
adhesiveness, anemia, ashiness, bloodlessness, cadaverousness, chloranemia, clabbering, clamminess, clotting, coagulation, colloidality, curdling, deathly hue, deathly pallor, dimness, doughiness, dullness, exsanguination, fadedness, faintness, fairness, flabbiness, fleshiness, gelatinity, gelatinousness, ghastliness, gluelikeness, gluiness, glutinosity, glutinousness, gumlikeness, gumminess, haggardness, heaviness, hypochromia, hypochromic anemia, incrassation, inspissation, jellification, jellylikeness, lentor, lightness, lividness, mashiness, mucilaginousness, muddiness, mushiness, paleness, pallidity, pallidness, pallor, pithiness, prison pallor, pulpiness, pulpousness, ropiness, sallowness, sickliness, sickly hue, slabbiness, sliminess, softness, spissitude, sponginess, squashiness, stickiness, stodginess, stringiness, succulence, syrupiness, tackiness, tenaciousness, tenacity, thickening, thickness, toughness, treacliness, viscidity, viscosity, viscousness, wanness, weakness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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